Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Monday is the day we go to decide for sure if dds tonsils will be taken out. Im so nervous about it. She also has to have dental surgery after tonsils so this will be making her having to be put out twice.
I have been worried sick , I just don't know how im suppose to just let them take her and do surgery and I cant be in there holding her hand. I have known all this was coming for sometime but the closer it gets the more anxiety im having.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Insomina really bites , I have been up since 4 am. I mean really , I have the chance to lay and do nothing at all and istead I find myself up doing choirs, the sad part is I will be annoyed in a couple hours when I cant hold my eyes open wishing I would have just stayed in bed and forgot everything else.


Cant win for losing!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Yeah its a MAN thing !

So I send my husband to the store 3 blocks away, I ask him to get a couple things that is close to the register.Over a hours later he comes back. Well... 1 hour to go to the store? Come on ! Yeah , he claims he had to stop and get gas which is 1 min from the store .

Now you tell me how a 30 min trip = 1 hour 30 min !

See im not the only one complaing, last week in a dollar store two ladies were complaing about the same issue.
Well since its alot of men doing it , It surely is one of these things.

A ..have a secret hide out and dont want us to know about.
B.. really are that slow .( no offense to the men who do not do this )
C... go on a 50 mile detour possible the Longest ..I do mean LONGEST route ever !
D.. forgot directions and got lost
E.. forgot what to get so they stood in the store looking through everything hoping to rember.

Im picking E it does best fit my husband.

Come on Media give us something more interesting!

Every site I go to, every news article I read theres something about Britney Spears. Now being a mother to 5 I really don't have time to keep up with the latest gossip ,but have been able to gather enough through only glancing , that her face is being plastered in cow manure .
From the bald head to the having to pay for her children. Im wondering why people continue this ?
Has the media ran out of interesting topics ,and this is all they have left?Why not write about something interesting ?"Hey ,the cat climbed the tree and the fireman had to rescue it." Go ahead roll your eyes , but come on really ..It does beat all this talk about Britney Spears.

awww finally

My own little hiding spot ,the place I can go where I dont have to worry about the kids ripping it apart, trying to eat it or throwing it in the toliet.
I stayed up last night and finished 3 chapters of the short story im working on and one of the kids deleted it off the computer. Thankfully , I saved it to disk .I hid the disk in my lock box so that cant get ahold of it.
See now , listen to me. I have my own hiding spot can talk about anything I want and what is the first thing I mention? The kids.
Figures huh?