Monday, September 17, 2007

Yeah its a MAN thing !

So I send my husband to the store 3 blocks away, I ask him to get a couple things that is close to the register.Over a hours later he comes back. Well... 1 hour to go to the store? Come on ! Yeah , he claims he had to stop and get gas which is 1 min from the store .

Now you tell me how a 30 min trip = 1 hour 30 min !

See im not the only one complaing, last week in a dollar store two ladies were complaing about the same issue.
Well since its alot of men doing it , It surely is one of these things.

A ..have a secret hide out and dont want us to know about.
B.. really are that slow .( no offense to the men who do not do this )
C... go on a 50 mile detour possible the Longest ..I do mean LONGEST route ever !
D.. forgot directions and got lost
E.. forgot what to get so they stood in the store looking through everything hoping to rember.

Im picking E it does best fit my husband.

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